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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Among the Hidden

"Among the Hidden" is the first book in the "Shadow Children" series. It takes place in a time where the government controls everything a person can do. The Population Police control how many children a family can have - 2. Families who choose to have a third - an illegal - must hide their children. Luke, the main character in the story who has been hidden for years, discovers that there are other children like him. His discovery also leads him to a better understanding of how his government works as he finds a network of people who are trying to help the illegals. I have read the second book "Among the Impostors". The story continues as Luke takes on an identity of a legal who has died. Luke leaves his home where he has been hidden only to move into a school with no windows in which he cannot leave.

These are easy to read, short, books - and there a lot of them. I am not sure if I am up to reading 10 or more. I think series should be limited to a max of 5.

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